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Who we are

Event planner

Welcome to The Event Planing Division of!!! We are a destination wedding & event planning agency based in beautiful serene Goa.

We are Goan based agency and focus on events within the state of Goa. Our first hand knowledge as natives, empowers & motivates us to give you the best of Goa - its culture, cuisine, exotic venues, and your own unique woderil experiencein on your special day in this beautiful land.

Creative innovation is our heart and soul, and we elevate the typical wedding experience to the realm of installation art.

We go to great lengths to hear our client's desires, immerse ourselves in their aesthetic, their personality, understand their passions and their artistic sensibilities; we then create an individual and all-encompassing experience.

Destination wedding planner Destination wedding planner

Our services

Planning and consulting

The idea of your dream wedding, is one that we will craft, shape and trim to your needs, mindfully.

Design & Concept

We are the beauty parlour of your thoughts, We beautify your vision and create the perfect setting to tie the knot.

Event Timeline

Time isn’t a liberty, it’s a limited commodity, and in order to thrive, one must use it wisely. We plan and strictly follow production schedules made for the unfolding event.

Permissions & Licenses

Wherever we may be, we'll use our professional identify to acquire familiarity and credibility.

Production and execution

Now that your heart's set, We'll get on to get your expectations met.

Wedding Invites

Assisting in the design and coordination of every aspect of wedding-related print material in keeping with the event theme